Rarotonga Personalized Weddings

Our personal wedding co-ordinator has had the privilege of planning stunning weddings in our beautiful lagoon for a number of years. Along with her professional team of people, she has become the go-to Wedding Planner for unique and original weddings at Muri Beach Club Hotel. Let her be the one to plan your special day here right on Muri Lagoon.

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Getting married here in the Cook Islands...
Upon pledging your wedding vows here in the South Pacific it is important we tell you a couple of important licence requirements i.e.

  • Cook Islands law requires all people wishing to get married to be 21 years of age or to have written consent from their parents
  • Application for a marriage licence must be made in person to the Registrar of Marriages at least three full working days before the wedding. You cannot apply for a licence outside of the Cook Islands
  • Applicants for a wedding licence must produce a passport and, if divorced, a copy of the Decree Absolute is also required
  • You are both required to be on the island of Rarotonga three full working days before the day of marriage or alternatively a “waiver fee” can be paid within this timeframe
  • Original copies of the birth certificates are required in English

Our marriages here in the Cook Islands are recognised internationally however it would pay to check with your own countries marriage licensing authorities for their local requirements concerning marriages.

Most weddings at Muri Beach Club Hotel are non-denominational and are performed by a local Justice of the Peace.