Coming soon! – Paddleboards – perfect for both exercise and viewing the magnificent sea life from above



Charlie’s Angle finds Charlie the Moray Eel



Image sent by guests that kayaked to the Motu located directly across from the island



Who says Muri Beach does not get sunsets?

During January 2013 the lagoon just looked magical and romantic!

Liana Scott
General Manager           



Shaggy does it again, and again and again.....

May we introduce you to the Muri Beach Club Hotel 'mascot', Shaggy, the amazing aqua-dog - who is determined to hitch a ride with our Guests on anything that floats......Shaggy is clearly proficient in the art of sailing, sail-boarding, paddle-boarding, 'navigating' the Treddle- Cats and also 'captaining' kayaks. Please see photo of Shaggy doing his 'Kate Winslet on the Titanic' impersonation.....!!