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Cook Islands Wedding Show
Muri Beach Club Hotel
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Cook Islands Wedding Show
27 April 2018
Muri Beach Club Hotel has initiated a campaign to raise funds for Whale Research in the Cook Islands; specifically the purchase of satellite tags, which are used to accurately monitor and map the progress of whales migrating from their birthing grounds in the Cook Islands, to their feeding grounds in the Antarctic. The mapping of migratory paths is of paramount importance in this programme as it will lead us to being able to effectively protect their pathways from the continued threat of entanglement in fishing gear, collisions with ships, noise pollution and continued illegal hunting.

Current estimates of the worldwide Humpback whale population indicate there are between only 60,000 and 80,000 of these whales still in existence. After the realisation that some 90% of the Humpback whale population had already been decimated, a worldwide moratorium was adopted in 1966 to prevent the continued hunting of whales. Recovery of the Humpback whale population has been extremely slow, however, due to their reproductive rate - a female will only produce 1 calf every 2 to 3 years.

This campaign has been aptly named "Safe Passage". Muri Beach Club Hotel has already donated one tag to the programme, each of which cost around US$3,200.00, and we are well on our way to securing a second tag for the cause. Our tagged whale, 1 of only 7 this season in Rarotonga, has been named Muri and you can follow him here on his journey to the South Pole.

Our efforts in raising funds for further tags are on-going, as each season around 30 tags are required to sufficiently map our local Humpback whale population and their movements throughout the oceans. To find out how you can help, email

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